Where we started

IMG_8048In early 2015 my husband & I realized we would would forever be a family of 3 with our daughter, E. At the time I had just become a SAHM and we no longer needed my home office or our house that was too big for us, with a yard that was too small for what we wanted.  So we sold our house and bought a cute farm house on 5 acres.  We renovated the house top to bottom and turned our land into a farm.

We both grew up in the country but had never raised livestock.  That fall, we picked up 2 piglets and raised them into giant hogs for butcher. Wanting the full experience, we butchered them ourselves and look forward to new pigs each fall.   We have also raised and butchered meat chickens & turkeys, we have laying hens, ducks, a donkey, a pet pig and goats. As well as a large organic garden.  This has been a great learning experience for us as we blindly threw ourselves into being farmers!

Join us on our farming adventure!


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