Only one bad day…

Today is bittersweet. Early this morning I said my goodbyes to our two pigs. Today they will fulfill their job on the farm & become food. Everyone warned me- don’t get attached! But really…how do you not get attached to animals whom you bottled fed six times a day, for six weeks?! Then since cared for daily. I like animals, and so I got attached.

You know what though? I don’t regret it. I don’t regret getting attached to them. I may have shed some tears over it…but those pigs were well loved, well cared for & well fed. And so I can only assume that this will translate into the best pork EVER!

Enough of the bitter…the sweet is that I am proud to serve my family and friends, some of the highest quality pork you can get! My motto throughout this whole experience has been that the pigs will only have one bad day. In their whole lives! I wish I could say that for myself.

I have learned so much about livestock in the last five months. It’s not intimidating…it’s exciting! Sure we have made mistakes, but we learned, we laughed & we can’t wait to do it again.

And so, I am grateful & humbled by their sacrifice. Since having our daughter almost five years ago, the prayer at our dinner table has been:

“Thank you animals. Thank you land. Thank you for this food we eat.”

I give thanks to Bacon & Chop…my first pigs. I’ll never forget them, thank you for providing for our family & friends.

Goodbye piggies. Hello home-grown pork.

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