And then there were 10…

This past weekend we butchered our 21 meat chickens. It went pretty fast, which I was thankful for as the pig butchering & packaging is still too fresh in my mind. I’ll be happy to not see my Food Saver for quite some time now.

Me & my hubby getting ready for the chickens. Some old hospital “bunny suits” made clean up very easy!

We used an automatic plucker that made the whole process go so fast. Within 15-30 seconds, it will pluck an entire chicken.

photo credit: google images. The one we used looked just like this, but I didnt have a chance to get a picture with the mess.

Our daughter was really interested, a few times horrified, but then all into the whole process. We never hide any of the facts from her about the livestock or their destiny. I feel it’s important for her to know the realities of the bacon that she loves, or where her favorite ‘Sweet Sticky wings’ come from. It has surprised me that many kids that come over have no idea that bacon/lunch meat/nuggets come from an animal.

Curiously inspecting

So now we have a freezer full of chicken and we are down to our 10 {future} egg layers. I’m glad for the break from meat chickens…that was an interesting experience! That night we had the freshest, yummiest chicken yet!

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