Honey-Thyme Cold & Cough Syrup


I have always loved a spoonful of raw honey for a sore throat & coughs.  I think it works so much better than regular cough syrup {which I never really notice any difference when I use it}. Or a spoonful stirred into to tea!  Not only does it taste great, but raw honey has real medical applications as an antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal substance just to name a few.  Of course there are many more articles out there if you want to learn more.  Definitely use raw, unpasteurized honey though!  Pasteurized honey has been heated typically to the point of destroying the natural enzymes, minerals and pollen that the raw will have.  You’ll spend a little more for raw, but pasteurized honey is basically just a bottle of sugar at that point!

In reading about herbs and using and preserving what I have growing in my garden, outside of my normal ways of inside a roast chicken or in soup, I came across this Thyme-Honey Cold & Cough Syrup recipe. Thyme has also been shown to be a disinfectant and to be rich in antioxidants.  So I thought I’d give this syrup a try this cold & flu season!

Thyme-Honey Cold & Cough Syrup

4 ounces of fresh thyme {I left leaves on the sprig to save time}

8 cups of water {or enough to cover thyme}

2 cups raw honey

  1. Cover thyme with water and simmer to steep.  Simmer until liquid is reduced by half and you have a dark, strong tea.
  2. Once reduced by half, pour the liquid through a strainer to separate the leaves and stems. Add the honey while the tea is hot & stir to dissolve.
  3. I store my syrup in mason jars and keep in the refrigerator for up to 2 months.
  4. This recipe will make 3-4 pints of syrup.  Plenty to give to sick friends, or half the recipe for less syrup.
  5. When you are under the weather, take 3 or more tablespoons each day or as needed for coughs.  Also tastes great stirred into hot tea!


Hopefully in the next year or two, we will have our own honey to harvest for this recipe!

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