Coming in 2017: ‘The Bathing Buck’


I’m looking forward to a fresh new year, how about you? I hope 2017 will be a great year, and I’m excited for some fun things ahead.

The first being Flicker Farm has a business license as of January 1st! I don’t anticipate this to be a huge business by any means, but I want everything to be above board and this opens doors for craft fairs & retail sales if we ever decide to pursue that. I also have some business cards in the works with an awesome designer I met through my Instagram account, can’t wait to see them. 

Second, my goat girls Ruby & Cherokee have a big date hopefully in February!  We are halfway looking for our own Nigerian Dwarf buck {male goat} to buy for breeding purposes {Beasley is a wether, meaning he is castrated so he can’t help out with breeding}.  If we don’t find a buck by then, we have friends who will rent us their buck and hopefully make some cute little goat kids! We are hoping for late February as we want to wait for the pigs to be gone, no one needs a pig snout up in your business while you’re on a date night- and pigs are incredibly nosy. Also around that time the girls will both be just about a year old and physically ready for a pregnancy.

Which leads me to the third reason I’m looking forward to 2017.  With the possibility of goat babies coming in the late summer, this also means goat milk!  Of course the babies will get all the milk they want & need. When they are done I will milk the girls and I have big plans for goat butter, cheese, caramels…and mostly goats milk soap! I have been making a lot of cold process soap since summer and I love it.  Friends and family are loving it and I can’t wait to convert my recipes into goats milk based recipes. And so…I am also starting a new line of masculine soaps called ‘The Bathing Buck’! These will come in masculine, clean, rugged scents for all the men in your life, or for anyone who loves soft & fresh smelling skin! Until then, feel free to visit our Etsy shop and see what soaps we have in stock now!

Wishing you all happy holidays & cheers to 2017!

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