Super Duper Seed Swap 2017

I’ve been going through seed catalogs and making note of what seeds I wanted for spring planting, and placed my seed order tonight.  Some of the same varieties that have done well for us, and some new varieties I’m really excited about.  Like Tennessee Red Peanuts and Luffa Gourds. Also known as loofahs! In its early stages it can be eaten, in its mature stages it can be used as a loofah sponge!


Tennessee Red Peanuts from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


Luffa Goard {or Loofah} from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Which led me to pass on this info to any fellow gardeners…who is interested in a “Super Duper Seed Swap”?? I am participating in this swap via Instagram and you can too!


Through Instagram only and open to all U.S. residents: via Instagram, direct message @urbanmannfarm OR @fdclinton if you are interested. In your message, please include your name and email. Signs ups are open until January 27th.

You send seeds, you get seeds in return! It will be really fun to see what new kinds of seeds we get! Details in the photo below. #superduperseedswap2017


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