Welcome home, Dolly & Rio!

I don’t think I ever got around to introducing a couple of our new farm family members.

First, Dolly the Donkey!

Dolly is a 3 year old Jerusalem Mini Donkey. She’s VERY shy and skittish. She hasn’t warmed up to us yet, but more importantly, she and the goats have warmed up to each other. Her purpose here is a livestock guardian, she protects the goats from predators. Her previous owners said they recently had a coyote come into their pasture, and when everyone else ran away, Dolly ran towards the coyote, charging and running it off.

I’m part of a local homesteading group on Facebook and one day Dolly was posted as ‘free to a good home’! They were reducing their herd as they had recently gotten some new animals and we were lucky to get such a pretty girl to live here as a guardian.

Currently, she will take treats from my hand if I hold very still and look the other way. I have never been able to pet her, but hopefully in the future. We have a farrier coming this week to trim her overgrown hooves, so we will need to catch and hold her so he can work. That should be interesting, but I’m hoping to cuddle her and convince her she loves us. I can hope anyway.

She loves, loves, loves the goats. I trust her to keep them safe and when I go out to the barn at night, she is always laying down right at the entrance. I’ve seen her sass come out with the pigs, and I don’t doubt she would give a predator a run for their money.

It took the goats a few days to warm up, even though Dolly wanted to play with them so bad!

Second, Rio the buck!

Rio is so sweet! And so stinky! He’s a 2.5 year old Nigerian Dwarf goat and will be daddy to our {fingers crossed} baby goats.

Rio, like any buck, likes to scent himself by urinating on his own face. ‘Eau de Buck’ we call it. This cologne attracts the ladies. He does some funny tongue wagging, crazy eyes, urination and then breeds the girls. Both Cherokee & Ruby have come into heat since he’s come home and our fingers are crossed their date nights were successful. If so, Cherokee would be due late June and Ruby would be due early July.

Cherokee & Rio’s date

Ruby & Rio’s date

I’m really excited about baby goats! I’m having an internal battle, telling myself I don’t need to do goat pregnancy tests. Which are a thing.  They are only $7 so I just might.

We are excited to have these new farm friends home.

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