Spring Flowers in Metal Buckets

Spring is here, spring is here! Who doesn’t love warmer days, lush green grass and bright flowers popping up everywhere? Spring gets me motivated to spring clean and get our outdoor spaces just as inviting as the indoors. And that means flowers! Flowers in pots, flowers in the garden, and flowers from hanging buckets. 


Yes, buckets!  I prefer metal buckets rather than the hanging baskets you usually see at the nurseries and garden stores.  Even better- they last years, not just a season!  Last spring I bought buckets similar to these at my local Tractor Supply to hang on our front porch.  We drilled about six drain holes on the bottom of each bucket for excess water to run off, hung them up with some chain and you have yourself a flower bucket!

Each season I change the flowers out: bright Petunias and Pansies in the spring and summer, warm autumn colors in the fall and red poinsettias in the winter.  In the fall and winter I usually use fake flowers so I don’t have to water or worry about them freezing.  And yes, there are some beautiful fake flowers out there these days!

IMG_6545Above are some fake flowers I switch out between my buckets and my chicken coop flower boxes- so cute!

So next time you’re temped by the pre-filled hanging baskets at the nursery, remember these metal buckets, how great they look and how long they will last {forever}!

I’ll leave you with this picture of one of our sweet ducklings {we have five new babies!} in a tub.  Happy Spring!


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