Chicks and Ducklings as Easter Gifts

Chicks and ducklings do not make good Easter gifts.  Sure they are cute and fluffy, they make cute photo props, they make cute little cheeps…they are also living and breathing animals who have the potential to live long lives and deserve the chance.

I was at one of our local feed stores recently and they had signs posted all over the chick and duckling area stating “Do not purchase chicks or ducklings as spring or Easter photo props!”  They also had a minimum purchase amount: at least 4 ducklings and at least 6 chicks to deter people from buying a single animal to later be abandoned or let loose into the wild. This is a thing- people do this and it’s very sad.

Many ducks have been so domesticated that they cannot survive out in “the wild”, so dumping them at the community pond is not going to work. Ducks can live up to 10 years and chickens around 8-10 years as well.


On the other hand- if you are prepared and are willing to raise and care for them for the duration, you will reap the rewards in the form of delicious eggs and endless entertainment.  They require good feed, fresh water {although don’t ask me how many times I have provided clean water only for them to go drink muddy water instead}, shelter from the elements, private nesting boxes and love.  If you can do all that- by all means buy those cute babies and enjoy them!  Just please don’t buy them, snap a few pictures and then forget about them.

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