What does it cost to feed the farm?

People often ask me what it costs to maintain & feed 29 chickens, 7 ducks, 5 goats, 1 pet pig and 1 donkey. Let me show you. I am the saver between myself & my husband. He lovingly calls me 'the dragon' as I tend to be very frugal with most things. So I like … Continue reading What does it cost to feed the farm?

Cheap food…food for thought

Do you feel a connection to your food? For some years now, even before we began this homestead life, I have tried to become much more conscious about what it took for that food to reach my plate.  Be it an animal product or produce- there was a person, often many, behind the success of … Continue reading Cheap food…food for thought

New faces on the farm

I haven't been very good about updating the blog. Between our Facebook page, Instagram account and this blog...I wonder if it's overkill. I wonder if people care to hear & see it all. So the blog gets neglected. But we do have some new faces around the farm these days. Allow me to introduce you. … Continue reading New faces on the farm

Farm Happenings

We've been busy around the farm lately, but I haven't been so good about keeping up on sharing it all! So here's a recap: 1. The Garden • We've begun harvesting from the garden: radishes, kale, spinach, blueberries, a few strawberries (the gophers always get them first!), mint, basil, thyme & sage with a lot more … Continue reading Farm Happenings

8 Things I learned raising meat chickens

As the day fast approaches for our first group of meat chickens to fulfill their destiny, I can't help but reflect on all the strange things I have learned raising them over these last 8 weeks. We went with Cornish Rock chickens for this first go around as this was what they had at the … Continue reading 8 Things I learned raising meat chickens

Farm life: sad truths

Most of our days are great, but every so often, sad things happen. Nothing major, just the realities of farm life & raising livestock. The other day my husband & daughter went on a breakfast date. I asked them to bring me something home. I meant a yummy breakfast treat, but instead they brought me … Continue reading Farm life: sad truths

Tour the chicken coop

My chicken coop dreams came true today...we officially finished the new chicken coop!  We have a few more changes to make such as automatic PVC feeders, automatic water nipples and an automatic chicken door that opens to the free-range area. But otherwise, it's all done and I must say, it's the cutest coop I ever … Continue reading Tour the chicken coop